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MW96 Series Lifting Electromagnet for Horizontal Strip Coil

MW96 Series

MW96 Series Lifting Electromagnet for Horizontal Strip Coil

MW16、MW26、MW36、MW96系列是吊运钢带卷用电磁铁,具有可动磁极,适于吊运钢带卷。有三种结构型式。 1.垂直吊运型。MW26、MW36电磁铁吸附带卷的端面。当钢带卷端面(图中)成凸形、凹形、山形、其高低差>25mm时,如果

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MW16, MW26, MW36, MW96 series are electromagnets for lifting steel coil, with movable magnetic pole, suitable for lifting steel coil. There are three types of construction.

1. Vertical lifting type. The end face of steel strip coil is  absorbed by MW26, MW36. When the end face of the steel strip coil is convex, concave, mountain, and its height difference> 25mm, if use vertical lifting. Because the magnetic plate can be freely telescopic up and down, the electromagnet can be well in contact with the end face of the steel belt coil, play to the lifting capacity.

2. Horizontal lifting type. MW16 series electromagnet adsorbs the curved side of steel strip coil.

3. Generic. MW96 series can be lifted vertically or horizontally.


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